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Make A Difference

Get Involved

Why should you get involved

Our model, focus and experiences of over 30 years are proven. Communities recognize that schools cannot go it alone in addressing the issues of violence and disenfranchised kids. Our new “Community Comprehensive Model” has caught on and is producing results beyond our expectations. Our success means that the word is spreading – which creates additional demand for our programs. All donations immediately go to work to support the increasing demands and needs of so many kids and their communities.

Our efforts and your financial support produce tangible important results. Your donation will:

  • keep some kids in school, off the street, out of the criminal system;
  • inspire them to continue to pursue their dreams;
  • motivate them along the road to graduation;
  • build self-esteem and ultimately valued members in our communities.

There are many ways to get involved

To participate, please contact us for details on sponsorship opportunities or “in kind” services of immediate benefit. Available sponsorships:

  • adopt a kid in school
  • “adopt a chapter”
  • Annual Induction Luncheon
  • Poetry series
  • Champions for Children Awards Gala